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Do you run a pub quiz or are you a massive fan of pub quizzes?

Do you own an Apple iPhone, iPad or a Mac Computer?

Then we have the answer for you...



The BIG Pub Quiz Toolbox


The BIG Pub Quiz Toolbox is a massive collection of tools for the budding Pub Quiz host and fan of pub quizzes. Covering all aspects of setting up a big or small Pub Quiz Event, the Big Pub Quiz Toolbox details hundreds of top tips, equipment you will need, rules of the game and features a literally massive selection of great quiz material (over 2,800 questions and answers) to get you up and running...  

  ... and keep you running for a very long time!


What's so different about this book?

A new approach to quiz question books

Unlike ALL existing pub quiz books to date, this book has complete rounds of questions, one round per page with the answers hidden away on the same page.

That way you can stay focused on asking the questions without being distracted and do not have to skip forward through hundreds of pages just to find the answers to the questions.

Revealing the answers

A quick tap on the image of a lightbulb on the same page as the questions reveals the answers.

This is a big thing, no more annoying scrolling through 100+ pages to check the answers and prying eyes will not be able to sneak a peek as you're asking the questions either. You can actually use this book for presenting your quizzes!

A keep-it-simple yet pleasing-on-the.eye approach

We have tried to keep the layout and overall look of "The BIG Pub Quiz Toolbox" as clear and clean-looking as possible and navigating through the book is as intuitive as Apple users have always come to expect from their devices; namely simple swipe gestures with your finger!


Answers hidden away from view.
Questions displayed in a scrollable box
Answers revealed after tapping on
the lightbulb image, also scrollable




You CAN use this book to present your quiz!

Contents of the book

The first four chapters take the reader from the concept and history of the pub quiz through to Quizmaster tips and ideas, quiz round structure, dealing with cheaters, what to do in the event of tie scores, event setup & timing and includes several interactive features.

All text content can be highlighted and bookmarked for future reference, even after you have closed the iBooks app. It is also possible to copy text for use in other apps, such as to send a copy of text to yourself by email or to paste text into a word processing ap.  

Interactive features include timers and other items to display on television or via projector directly from your iPad, iPhone or Mac, downloadable and printable score sheets and answer sheets, a fully interactive spreadsheet that you can use in Apple Numbers to chart your teams' scores or save onto a laptop and use directly with Microsoft Excel and not forgetting the quiz rounds themselves. We have added example rounds to the quiz round ideas sections meaning you can see exactly what we are talking about AS you are learning how to structure your quiz rounds.

The second half of the book contains a vast amount of high-quality quiz material, namely:

  •   65 rounds of general knowledge questions (20 questions per round), perfect for any standard pub quiz audience
  •   14 rounds of easier general knowledge questions, which you can use to pad-out your questions so that every team can score some points
  •   88 themed rounds of questions, including everything you could need to add a bit of structure and variety to your quiz event
  •   10 connections rounds, where each of the answers has a common theme.


  All of the questions have been tried and tested in front of several pub quiz teams and have been researched very methodically.  


In total The BIG Pub Quiz Toolbox contains over 2,800 questions and answers.



Free sample of the book

The free sample gives an idea as to how questions are displayed in the convenient scrollable box. Simply tap or click on the lightbulb at the bottom right of the questions to reveal the answers to the questions. Tap again to hide them. Simple. 

To get hold of the free sample, follow the link at the bottom of the page to the iBooks Store. At the top of the page you will see two links; one to download the full iBook and one to download the free sample. Tap that second link and the sample book will download to your device. Open the free iBooks app on your device and locate the sample book in your library.

The full version (ie; not the free sample version) of the book contains over 260 pages


Question writing style

Questions have been written with a worldwide English-speaking audience in mind and not catered to one country in particular.

The questions have also been written so that they are timeless, meaning that we do not refer to "the last time the teams met" or "current world record", for example. 


Updates are free forever

Due to the way in which Apple stores are managed, if we do decide to update our book, you will be entitled to receive updates completely free of charge. If an update is available, iBooks will indicate this by lighting up a notifier icon in the store in the iBooks app.

We released version 1.2 of the book in the middle of April 2014 and all existing Customers were able to download the update immediately.

Not only that, the Apple ID that you use to download our book can download the latest copies of the book as many times as you so wish, after you have deleted it from your device or even if you have bought a new device, all for no extra charge.


Requirements to use the book

Simply download the free iBooks app on either your iPad tablet computer, iPhone or Mac computer and you are ready to go.

For the iPad you will need at least iOS 5.1 operating system installed. Most iPad devices (iPad2 or better) have iOS7 or newer installed so there is not a compatibility issue for the vast majority of users. Basically, if you can put apps into folders on your device, then you should be able to use this book.

For the iPhone you will need at least iOS 8.4 operating system installed. Most newer iPhone devices (iPhone 4S or better) have iOS8 or newer installed so there is not a compatibility issue for the vast majority of users, you just need to make sure iOS 8.4 or newer is installed as before that version, no multi-touch books could be opened in the iBooks app.

For the Mac, you will need OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or newer, as previous versions of OS X did not have support for iBooks. 

If you enjoy the book, we would be more than grateful for a short review in the iBooks Store.

Click here or tap below to check out "The BIG Pub Quiz Toolbox" in the iBooks Store now. The free sample is available also via that link.

The BIG Pub Quiz Toolbox for iPad and Mac

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