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Are you tired of using dull, unimaginative, straightforward questions in your Christmas-themed trivia and pub quiz games?

If so, then we have the ANSWER!   Announcing the GOLD STANDARD in Festive Christmas Quizzes ...

Everything you could ever need to host the perfect Christmas Quiz event... in one easy-to-download file

So well-researched...   So entertaining...    And at times, so Downright Evil... 





Divine InspirationWe all know that writing and researching Christmas-themed quiz questions can be time consuming, especially when you're trying to write varied questions for big events, such as Christmas office parties, festive pub quizzes or charity trivia events.

The whole process of quiz question writing should be easy, right?

... Well, no, not at all.

Firstly one needs the initial divine inspiration, a topic that people know something about, a fact basically.

Then one needs to try to write a question about that fact, such that the persons answering that question could provide the correct answer and not be left out in the dark.

... Also no mean feat.


That is where we come in. 

How our Christmas Quiz material is laid outWe have been writing and researching quiz questions for many years and are able to write highly entertaining quiz questions, factually correct and timeless.

Sure, it takes us a long time to do this but when you download from us, think about how much time you have saved yourself.

It literally took us many hundreds of hours researching and writing this Christmas-themed quiz pack, trying to make sure that all well-known aspects of Christmas were covered and presenting the material in such a way that you really don't need to prepare anything before starting your event.


What do we offer?

Christmas Quiz QuestionsWe offer questions and answers covering many aspects of the theme of Christmas - not only the religious side of the festival either!

We have written them in such a way as that even in ten years time, the answers will still be correct, entertaining and valid.

We also try not to include questions that only people from a certain region of the world could answer.

For example: We know that a large majority of British people know very little about American TV programmes shown in America only at Christmas time in the same way as American people know very little about the history of Boxing Day football. Hence why we avoid these topics!

For that very reason, we believe that our questions are non-geographically specific, timeless and highly entertaining.


Who are our Customers?

CustomersOur valued Christmas Quiz Customers include:

   Christmas Office Party Organizers,
   Pub Quiz Masters, 
   Charity Event Organizers, 
   TV Game Show Researchers, 
   Fans of Knowledge and Trivia, 
   National, Local and Hospital Radio Stations...

... to name but a few.


Worldwide Customer BaseWe have sold our quiz material to Customers all over the world, most notably in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, the Republic of Ireland and many, many other non-English speaking countries.

The majority of our Customers are multiple repeat Customers too, something that really encourages us to write more and more.


How can I get my hands on your Christmas pack?


Christmas Trivia PackWe provide our quiz material electronically.

In other words, you click on the Order Now button at the bottom of this page, choose your currency, complete the very short payment process and download your product directly from the final page.

It's really a simple procedure to follow and due to the fact that Clickbank look after our payment processing, you can be 100% sure of a secure transaction.

As soon as your payment has been accepted (which normally takes just a few seconds), you will be presented with a download page that has been generated just for your use.

You may bookmark that page in your favourites so you can return to it to download again and again. We also occasionally add questions to the pack, another great reason to bookmark the download page!


All Our Quiz Packs Are Ready-To-Use
And Come In One Easy Download


Microsoft Word™

We supply the complete quiz material in Microsoft Word™ format, for use with Microsoft Word versions 97, 2000, 2003, XP and 2007 as well as all future versions. This file is also tested to work with OpenOffice™ and Google Docs™.

Adobe .PDF™

We have also converted the Microsoft Word version of the quiz material into an Adobe™ .PDF format file so that Customers without the above Microsoft products can also read and print our complete material. Adobe Reader is required to open, view and print this format and is free of charge from http://www.adobe.com - All modern computers can read PDF files, as well as most SmartPhones.

.ZIP Archive

For ease of download, we also offer the chance to download both versions of the quiz material in a .zip archive.


We are also able to provide the material in a selection of other formats upon request. Simply contact us and we will do our very best to get you your material in the format of your choice, making the whole procedure painless for you.


About The Quiz Master

Our Quiz Master Our quiz questions have been written by a VERY experienced Pub Quiz Master. The Quiz Master has been writing Pub Quiz Questions for twenty years and knows the game VERY well, nothing gets past him. Having lived in the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany he is well-travelled and well-read, boasting a natural love for information and trivia.

When someone loves trivia and information this much, you just know his questions are going to be entertaining!

Every single question in these packs has been tried-and-tested on a pub quiz audience. We only include the best questions from our expert question writer in our products.



How The Pack is Structured


Christmas Quiz QuestionsQuestions & Answers

Each page contains what we believe to be a varied and well-structured quiz round of ten questions. To the right of each of the questions one can see the answers, alongside each question.

All pages are printable and look great in both colour AND black-and-white.

In the event that you would prefer NOT to use a few of the questions for whatever reason, we have included FOUR bonus questions and answers in EVERY single round.

Therefore each round has a total of 14 questions and answers.

There are 24 rounds of fourteen questions and answers

Total = 336 Christmas-themed Questions & Answers in the standard rounds

Add to that a "Quiz of the year 2010" round of 14 Questions & Answers plus a bonus "Quiz of the year 2009" round, also with 14 Questions & Answers

We also throw in an extra 20 "Tie Break Questions", just in case several of your teams end up with the same number of points at the end of the competition

Finally, we throw in an extra 14 "Christmas Number One" questions in a handout sheet followed by a sheet of answers. The handout sheet is setup in such a way that you may print it as is, copy it and distribute it amongst your teams.


Printable Wordsearch Puzzle

We have added a Printable Wordsearch Puzzle containing over 40 well-known Christmas Carols for your teams to find hidden in a grid of letters (as well as a separate list of the Carols, should you wish to make the puzzle a little easier for your teams). The sheet is unbranded and includes a space for your teams to include their team name at the top. Not only that, we also include a separate answer key showing you where the words were hidden in the grid.


Printable Christmas Picture Round

We have included a printable Picture round into the document so that you need only print out one copy, hand a copy to each team and the rest is done for you. The sheets contain no branding at all and includes spaces for the teams to write their team name AND answers before handing the completed paper back to you. Answers are supplied on the following page of the same document.

 Printable Answer Sheets

Printable Answer Sheets

We have included a variety of answer sheets for you to print out and copy numerous times for your teams to write their answers on.

There are several formats and layouts for you to choose, depending on how many questions you plan to present in the competition and how much space on paper your teams will require in order to submit their answers.


 Quiz Master Score Sheet

Printable Quiz Master Score Sheet

To make your job EVEN easier, we have also thrown in a Printable Quiz Master Score Sheet for you to print out as well as instructions on how we recommend you should use it.


Recap: What do I get when I purchase your pack?




Download the Christmas Quiz Pack Now


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Our first Christmas Quiz pack contains the following items...

Christmas Quiz QuestionsThe HUGE Array of Questions & Answers (+ Bonus Questions)

Tie-Break Questions & Answers

Handout Round Questions & Answers

Printable Wordsearch & Answer Key

Printable Picture Round & Answers

Variety of Printable Answer Sheets

Quiz Master Printable Score Sheet

 * All questions are suitable for a worldwide audience.

Christmas Quiz Pack

For only £14.00
(Currency conversion)

Download the Christmas Quiz Pack



Important Information

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  • Adobe Acrobat™ PDF format requires the free plugin from Adobe.com in order to view
  • If you need another format, then simply contact us, we will be happy to make a conversion, where possible.


To Your Quiz Night's Success,

David Small

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